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pencil HB 2 with rubber tip

pencil sharpener in container for shavings

red roller ball pens

blue roller ball pens

black roller ball pens

green roller ball pens

blue erasable pen

black erasable pen

red erasable pen

set of 3 blue erasable pen refills

set of 3 black erasable pen refills

set of 3 red erasable pen refills

fine black permanent markers

thick black permanent marker

blue whiteboard marker

red whiteboard marker

black whiteboard marker

whiteboard eraser

light blue highlighter pen

yellow highlighter pen

green highlighter pen

20cm plastic ruler

30cm plastic ruler

pair of compasses

box of 12 colouring pencils

pair of large size scissors

protractor 0 and 180 marked at each end

large glue sticks

box of assorted colours of plasticine

box of coloured oil pastels

box of 12 water colours

red calligraphy pen

black calligraphy pen

aquarelle pad size 4

clear plastic file with 30 pockets BLUE

clear plastic file with 30 pockets GREEN

clear plastic file with 30 pockets YELLOW

plastic folder with elastic purple (greek)

plastic folder with elastic clear (music)

A4 envelope folder blue

A4 envelope folder red

A4 envelope folder yellow

card folder with elastic red (ad. Language)

calculator with memory and square root keys (not a scientific calculator)

set 10 x adhesive labels with SLC logo

maths ( A4 blue 8mm squared)

literacy (yellow A4 8mm lined)

science (red A4 8mm lined)

geography (green A4 8mm lined)

history (orange A4 8mm lined)

greek (purple A4 8mm lined)

additional language (red A4 8mm lined)

Schoolbox paper storage box

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