Privacy Policy

  1. General Provisions
    1. The administrator of this website (hereinafter referred to “Administrator”, “Website Administrator”, “We”, “Us”, “Ours” or/and “of ours”) is fully committed to the protection of personal data of its users and customers that will be processed by him according to the relevant European and national legislation. The information on the customers will not be disclosed to third parties with the exception of consenting or/and imposed disclosure based on the law.
    2. The privacy policy* for this website forms an integral part of the terms of use thereof that is binding for you not only upon your navigation but also upon your login as member or/and user of the website. In case you do not agree with the privacy policy for this website, it is recommended that you should abstain from all the aforementioned actions.
    3. The user is responsible for providing the website with correct, true and updated information.
    4. The user is responsible for checking the information on his private account. Any use of the website results in the acceptance of said responsibility on any activity that takes place with regard to the account of the user in order to prevent any authorized access thereto.
    5. If you wish to access or/and be informed on your personal data that you have provided to this website, we may contact us.
    6. Potentially we may collect or/and process for statistics or/and in order to improve your navigation through the website information on your computer, your visits or/and the use of this website.
  2. Consent
    1. Upon your navigation through the website, your registration as a member, your registration to the newsletter or/and the purchase of any product, you declare that you accept and consent to this privacy policy as well as that you expressly consent to the collection or/and processing of your personal data.
    2. In case you purchase any product on this website, you consent to the receipt of electronic mail.
    3. Credit card information and data are not stored on this website; they are exclusively managed by the provider of payment services through the website of which the payment process occurs. The same applies to the payment data that are used by providers of online payments such as PayPal.
    4. In certain cases, such as the return of a product or/and withdrawal from an order, the potential disclosure of such personal data to the administrator of this website might be deemed necessary in order only to fulfill the request.
    5. In case of refunds to the credits cards of the members or/and the accounts of the members to online providers of payment services, such as PayPal, the cooperating banks or/and the third online provider of payment services are solely responsible for the relevant processing of these data.
    6. Under no circumstances is this website responsible for the actions regarding your personal data carried out by third parties through which you connected or/and accessed this website.
  3. Withdrawal of consent
    1. You may withdraw you consent for the collection or/and processing of part or all your personal data at any time.
    2. You may withdraw you consent for the use of your personal data or/and select not to receive any kind of communication for marketing purposes such as newsletters.
    3. In case you wish to be removed from the membership list of the website, all the personal data that you have provided until the time of your deletion will be deleted.
    4. By way of derogation, you consent to the storage and use of your personal data in case of a pending order, financial or/and other arrangement between you and the website until it is finally settled.
  4. Cookies
    1. Cookies are small files with information sent to your computer, mobile telephone or/and other devices of yours, when you visit a website in order to identify your device for future visits.
    2. Cookies are categorized as follows:
  • The absolutely necessary which are required for the website to be able to provide the services you have asked.
  • Those related to the operability which actually memorize certain choices of yours.
    1. The mere navigation through our website requires for you to have already accepted the cookies.
    2. This website shall not process your personal data stored on cookies during the use of the website by you.
    3. The use of cookies on this website is fully compliant with the relevant laws and directives of the European and National legislation.
    4. In case you wish to prevent new cookies from being stored or/and delete existing ones, we may follow the relevant procedure of each provider. In case of prevention of storage or/and deletion thereof, you accept that it might be possible for technical problems to arise during your navigation through the website, the conclusion of transactions or/and that the data on the website might wholly or partly do not appear properly or/and fully.
  1. Security of personal data
    1. This website uses automated systems in order to perform the required checks for the fight against illegal acts or/and fraud.
    2. In case of potential sampling checks, we might potentially use the personal information of the members/users. The members/users agree that in case of reasonable evidence or/and when it is required by the circumstances, this website has the right to collect, process or/and use those data that are necessary for the revelation of any legal act or/and breach of contract.
    3. If it is mandatory, we shall disclose or/and communicate your personal data in order to comply with any legal requirement so as to implement the terms and conditions* of this website or/and protect the rights, the ownership or/and security of ours or/and the members/users.
    4. Although we carry out all the required actions in order to secure your personal data that are collected as provided, the transmission of data through the internet is not absolutely safe. Therefore, any transmission takes place under your responsibility as we cannot guaranty the absolute safety of your data that are transmitted through this website.
  2. Adult Content
    1. It is possible that there is adult content available on this website. Wherever there is adult content, persons under 18 do not have access. Every time you try to navigate through adult content, a relevant warning will appear prior to your access.
    2. In case the administrator of the website realizes that anyone without exception who is under eighteen (18) tries to make a transaction using the services available on this website that are directly related to adult content, the former reserves the right to request a written consent from the parents according to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 (“COPPA”).